Who is Madam Wheels?

Jacquie Hayes is a journalist turned entrepreneur who revved up her long-time love of luxury cars into the turbo-charged new venture, Madam Wheels.
Madam Wheels is a first-of-its-kind customised service for women with the purchasing power and passion for luxury cars.

Our private client car advisers help women "step up" and call the shots during the typically testosterone-fuelled luxury-car buying process.

Ultimately, we aim to get discerning women into the cars of their dreams, not the cars they're sold. Madam Wheels has the contacts, credentials, and kudos to cut through the car-salesmanship jargon, mining everything women car buyers need to know, and nothing they don’t.

The back story

Madam Wheels was created to help women take control as they negotiate to make one of the most expensive purchases of their life, second only, usually, to their home.

Luxury car manufacturers recognise women are behind the majority of car-purchasing decisions - either through their partners or, increasingly, in their own right via their rising earning capacity. Yet women are not “feeling the love" on the car showroom floor.

This is where Madam Wheels steps in.

Speed demons and donuts

To share the thrills and spills, Madam Wheels organises ladies-only Drive and track-day Experiences, giving women the chance to get behind the wheel of a fine luxury car or race-ready performance vehicle for the ride of their lives.