Ferrari Launches Its Most Powerful V8 In F8 Tributo

WHO doesn’t enjoy an amazing party with interesting and attractive guests? A social event planned around an enticing, appealing theme? Especially if that party is both in celebration and in honor of the introduction of a new Ferrari to Australia. Not just “any” Ferrari, mind you. Welcome to the most powerful V8 Ferrari … ever. A toast to the Ferrari F8 Tributo. Cheers.

Ferrari Australasia’s Chief Executive Officer, Herbert Appleroth, joined 300 guests at the lavish Sydney launch party, along with his counterpart for Ferrari’s Far and Middle East hubs, Dieter Knechtel. But no-one in attendance (a shame if you couldn’t make it) could mistake the guest of honor.Powerful and evocative. Sexy and sporty. Clean-cut but edgy. Maybe even slightly dangerous.

The Ferrari F8 Tributo was introduced as more than a suitable successor of the esteemed Ferrari 488 GTB, a super car held in the highest regard by Madam Wheels and on display as part of a prestigious line up of the past V8 models at the White Bay Cruise Terminal soiree.

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The F8 Tributo adds 49 horsepower over the 488 GTB while trimming almost 40 kg of weight, most of which came off the engine. With a top speed of 340 km/h, the mid-rear engine two-seater can propel driver and passenger from a standstill to 200 km/h in just 7.8 seconds, reaching 100 km/h in just 2.9 seconds. The F8 Tributo, however, is more than just power. It exudes confidence. It is the epitome of balance.It’s also a stunner.

There were two goals at the Ferrari Styling Center where designing the F8 Tributo took place. First, create a super car in homage to the iconic Ferrari V8 engine and the two-seater, mid-engine Ferrari’s they powered in the past. The second, creating a car aerodynamically distinctive in its own rite.

Well done, Ferrari. Well done.

luxury car
luxury car
luxury car

Aerodynamically, the F8 Tributo slips through the air. Its low stance is confident and aggressive. Its front end features an S-Duct design with linear LED headlamps which dominate its dynamics and appearance. It’s weight-conscious in its design, adding lightweight body components like a carbon-fiber rear spoiler, poly carbonate bumpers and even a louvered rear window made of poly carbonate resin thermoplastic Lexan. Its exterior is so carefully crafted and so multi-faceted, it’s difficult to take your eyes from it. There is a function to its forms, but its form is pretty alluring on its own.

Inside, the cockpit is clearly driver-focused. It has a classic floating instrument cluster with options like a 7” touch screen for the passenger side. It sports a new-generation steering wheel with critical controls right at the driver’s fingertips.Understated? Perhaps. Still waters, however, often run deep. This is an automobile women will love and find easy to drive. It responds to commands and accelerates thrillingly, effortlessly and smoothly. It demonstrates power without being loud or obnoxious. Its engine, however, does provide more than a sufficient soundtrack.

Will the Ferrari F8 Tribute add to your confidence? Will it enhance your self-respect and sense of self-worth? Will it make life more joyful? Perhaps and perhaps not. It will, however, make life more fun and exciting. It will turn heads and make an impression. Perhaps most of all, it will likely make you an aficionado of one of the world’s most respected luxury car brands. When it comes to luxury cars for ladies, Ferrari and the Prancing Horse brand throw a party that is never too late to attend.

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