Supermodel’ McLaren GT star of Leica photo exhibition

Madam Wheels spent time this week getting reacquainted with an old friend, the McLaren GT supercar. It had been three years since we last caught up, and she’d had a bit of work done on her in the meantime, including a nose job and some refinement to her rear end. 

Not that she needed it. She was always beautiful. But the adjustments have made her faster and more aerodynamic than ever, according to McLaren. And that matters when you’re a supercar, right?

Anyway, the sexy “gran turismo” has taken on supermodel status by featuring in a fabulous photographic collection showcasing her in a new light.

The exhibition titled SPEED AND LIGHT is the result of an artistic collaboration between the British luxury supercar maker and another brand known for performance and precision, Leica Camera.
Leica Ambassadors Kristian Dowling and Alex ‘Lady’ Drewniak were tasked with communicating their unique interpretation of the GT.

Celebrity-entertainment photographer Kristian Dowling did it by capturing two characters in a cinematic style that draws attention to a fleeting moment, as if in a film.

“My love for cinema – the artistry, story-telling and technical brilliance – has always influenced my work as a photographer,” Dowling says. “What I have always loved about cinema are the beautifully constructed ‘fleeting moments’ that would often go unnoticed if you didn’t hit ‘pause’.”

Alex Drewniak Mclaren Gt Leica

Alex Drewniak fused art, fashion and design to highlight the GT’s simple lines and curvature, using local and international fashion from designers Common Hours, Giorgio Armani and Aya Muse to create an emotional connection for those admiring the car’s beauty.  “I wanted to create a space where various artistic mediums could inspire one another – an ecosystem of creative collaboration,” Drewniak says. “McLaren’s GT supercar was the art piece and the anchor to the wider cinematic vision.”

McLaren Automotive’s Managing Director for the Asia Pacific, Paul Harris, says he’s thrilled with how the collaboration has worked out.

“The McLaren GT tells its story through perfect proportions shaped for aerodynamic efficiency,” Harris says. “We are delighted that this same quest for perfection has seen each artist capture the supercar in a captivating way.” 

Shot around Melbourne, SPEED AND LIGHT is on display in Melbourne and Sydney Leica Galleries until July 31, 2022. 

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